Protocol One

Protocol One by Diego Bortolozzo – Imperium Editions – english edition
Takeri Ira crew, in search of new lands to colonize, reaches a planet that reflects the “Protocol One” directives.
Ground exploration gives discordant results: the supervisor of the implementation of the directives does not recommend the activation of the development program, whereas the chief doctor of planetary exploration believes to have found, finally, the place that their race had been looking for since millennia.While on the background the various persons in charge politically struggle, spaceship commander decides to resolve, once and for all, the vain dispute.
The mission is declared over and Takeri Ira prepares to leave the Star System.

The small planet gets smaller while the ship moves away, but a strange asteroid enters the system and the crew decides to intercept it.

Finalist in the 38th edition of the “Nero Premio” Contest, this short story was selected and published in the Anthology “Ceneri del Fantastico”, Protocol One is finally published in e-book in the “Imperium Editions”.


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